Addiction to Busy

I recently found Katy Rollin’s blog, 18 Channels, and fell in love with her writing style. She now writes for ADDitude Magazine in her column “Executive Function“, and created poignant post about craving chaos that I wanted to share with you. Continue reading


ADHD Sufferer

Why do we commonly say that we suffer from ADHD? It’s never occurred to me that this diagnosis would be a negative thing. My therapist said I’m the only patient she’s ever had who was happy about being labelled. But think about it- the label is like a huge excavator (stay with me). Continue reading

ADHD brain science, hot off the press.

As I dive into the community of ADHD, I have been introduced to so many new ways of thinking, processing, and sharing information. I’ve just launched my Twitter page and have chosen to curate my feed into two categories: ADHD and professionalism targeted for women (entrepreneurship, development, and thought leaders). This opened up a huge can of worms Continue reading

The drugs.

The medical treatment for ADHD is interesting, and there is a lot of negative media floating around the internet about it. In essence, doctors give constantly over-stimulated people (ADHD-ers) a stimulant. Funny right? I imagine it went something like this: “Let’s just give em’ a little dose of speed every morning… that should do the trick!”. Continue reading

Crisis and enlightenment.

I sat on the contact for the potential new therapist for a few months. By the summer of 2016, things at work had gone into autopilot mode, and for the first time I felt like I had a steady workload. No huge surprises, more certainty in upcoming deadlines, and confidence in my role as the leader of this organization. I was also making strides in meal preparations, even if they were inconsistent- for the first time in two years (mostly) regularly eating lunch. My car was still a constant mess, and there were clothes strewn all over my bedroom, but my soul could see the light. I was no longer drowning.

Until October came. Continue reading

Therapy 1.0

About two years into feeling like an absolute chaotic mess, I decided it was time to go see a therapist. I needed some tools to cope with my out of control feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, and numbness. I found someone online, and went for two visits. Both were nice and slightly productive, but felt superficial. I needed something more than to just talk to someone about it- I had lots of friends that were open and receptive to discussion who were way less expensive. Continue reading