ADHD Sufferer

Why do we commonly say that we suffer from ADHD? It’s never occurred to me that this diagnosis would be a negative thing. My therapist said I’m the only patient she’s ever had who was happy about being labelled. But think about it- the label is like a huge excavator (stay with me).


Figure 1: A poorly developed analogy.

Scenario A: Perpetually wandering through a complicated forest, tripping over roots, never knowing where you are or where you’re going while feeling stupid and incompetent;

Scenario B: Standing in a forest and having an excavator clear a path down to the river for you. The path is still rough and you will still sometimes trip, but there is some clarity. The excavator is a lazy analogy for the the vast and diverse community of people working to understand and manage ADHD.

All of our paths are different, but the label provides me with an all-access pass to a better & kinder understanding of myself.



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