My Neurotic Dog is a Mirror of Myself

I once Googled “therapy dog vest buy Canada” so I could get the thing, put it on Finn, look legit, and take him with me everywhere. I then realized that doing this would make me a huge asshole, so I closed the tab and looked up Samoyed puppy videos instead. Continue reading


ABCs of Explosion Avoidance

Last night, I found myself surrounded by some of the best friends a girl could ask for. It was an impromptu hang out session with belly laughs and homemade cookies, and ended with a 1+ hour heart to heart in a Honda Civic.  Continue reading

Shedding the Mask of Competency

First, drop everything and read this game changing article: “I Thought I Was Stupid”, The Hidden Struggle for Women with ADHD.

If you’re like me, it took a few tries and you found yourself wandering to and from the browser it’s displayed on. But as I read, I felt understood by these women who have similar struggles and harsh self-talk. This article was like a mirror- it showed me what I could not see in myself: the exhaustive effort to hide my ADHD symptoms had sneakily weaved itself into the very fabric of my being. Continue reading

ADHD PMS Chronicles: I finished an entire can of peas and have the best friends

I read somewhere on the internet that in some culture (be more vague Christine, really) they view PMS as a time of great clarity. Tonight, I realized that I have the best support system around and decided to write about it live from the bathtub. Being the true lush that I am, I also added half a liter of Epsom salt bubble bath. I’m hoping that my lavender-scented emotional clarity oozes out of this post and spills all over your screen. Continue reading

Sometimes All You Need is a Swift Kick to the Head

So my little sister is a third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She was the Canadian Junior Champion in 2009(?) and went on to fight at the World Juniors in Turkey. At her peak, she could lift her leg up and past her head while standing up- that’s to say that if she was standing in front of you, she could axe kick you in the face and crush your nose. She’s a really terrifying person disguised as a feminine, laid-back, city slicker hipster. She’s definitely the cool one in the family.  Continue reading

Anxiety & Hyperfocus Propelled Me Into Productivity Outer Space

I’ve been reading all kinds of accounts of people whose lives turned around when they started ADHD medication. “I became so much more productive when I started my meds,” they would write. After some shallow reflection, I’ve realized that my experience seems to be the opposite! What the hell!? Continue reading