The Value of Being Basic

I just needed to tell you something before Friday! Recently, I have fallen down the rabbit hole of Pinterest, Etsy, and Youtube, and have immersed myself in basic bitch culture. Simplistic photos with delicate colour palettes, vlogs showing off home offices that are way too clean, and abnormal attention to small details (like what year and collection the candle they’re burning is from) are the norm in this world. Everything seems so perfect. My first reaction was one of judgment because clearly these people are simpleminded, but upon further reflection, I realized that this is what I should be doing to help me manage my ADHD. Being organized and taking time to create beautiful things/spaces is hard in a world of over-stimulation, information obesity (current trendy buzzword), and fast ‘solutions’. The continuous message is “do do do do do do”, and never “stop and think”. Taking time to do following actually are important to me:

  • Developing a thoughtful weekly planner;
  • Minimizing clutter;
  • Being persistent in a hobby;
  • Designing a functional work space;
  • Prioritizing creativity; and
  • Supporting small business.

My world view has been so outwardly focused that I’ve forgotten that these are some simple things that I used to do that made me feel fulfilled and happy. My first target? Creating an inspiring home office space this month.


Figure 1: Sights are set on this corner of wasted space.


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