White Wine, Comics, and Haunting Melodies

This week was stupid.

WAIT. Before you read this, put THIS SONG on for dramatic effect. Crank it a bit too. I have it at 62% volume and the bass is making the snares of my drum inuksuk buzz.

Okay, assuming you’ve done your homework, let’s resume. This week was stupid. It was filled with anxiety, uncertainty, and a health crisis. Luckily, everything seems to have worked out (as it always does) and now I’m sitting in my living room with my feet kicked up sipping white wine and listening to Rose Cousins. Her Natural Conclusion album is better than therapy. This week is also #PMSclarityweek, and the final two week stretch until Brett and I cross the 35-months-of-a-48-month-long-relationship long distance finish line (that’s 73% of the time we’ve been together, and full disclosure- I’m both happy and sad crying about it right now).


Figure 1. Throwing up in my mouth from excitement.

I’m usually a bit of a recluse, but this weekend I treated myself and dear friend Alicia to a soirée of serenades by my favourite east coast voice. The tornado destruction years made me forget what fed my soul, and Friday night reminded me of how much live music means to me. Sitting completely captivated by her emotional outpouring, I felt something stir deep inside. This was my original reaction to the show:

Rose Cousins‘ music is fire for the soul. It gives permission to let the weighty veneer fall to the floor, sitting naked and flawed with your chin on your knees, warmed by her voice.

It is a funny fire that flickers and jumps to make you laugh. It attracts, soothes, and calms. It accepts darkness and creates light.

It is a fire that I want to feed so that it may burn bright and welcoming for others, seeing in its flames the truth.

Consider this post the equivalent of me throwing a chunk of seasoned hardwood on her career’s fire. Cheers.

Carving time out of the week to spend puttering and tending to my nest is also so important. I had my new CD playing for most of Saturday, setting the backdrop for patient cleaning and hanging of my first Catana Comics print. I also felt like I had enough mental energy to send some flowers to Finn’s best friend Robert after his minor heart attack this week. Yes, my dog has a best friend (I’m his mum and can’t always be his friend, duh).


Figure 2. He’s a little bit vain for including a photo of himself.

I think my takeaway lesson from this week is that medication can come in many forms. I set aside money each month to pay for my prescriptions, and would benefit for doing the same with art- sight, sound, smell, taste, or hearing varieties.


Figure 3. Adorable and accurate Catana Comics print that now proudly lives in my hallway.

P.S. And also remembering to stick to a budget because #ADHDimpulsivity.

P.P.S. This post is like a funny inventory of what I spent money on this week. I’m okay with all of it.

P.P.P.S. Last night I learned where a dildo got its name. Apparently, it’s thought to have originated from a penis shaped pin used on boats. Who knew!?

P.P.P.P.S. For all you non-east coast Canadians, the province of Newfoundland has a community named Dildo. We’re a funny bunch. Come visit sometime!


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