ADHD Money: The Top 10 Things You Definitely Should Not Do

The tightening up of our purse strings has been at the forefront of my ADHD-fueled hyperfocus this week, and I’d like to share some of the best things I’ve found along this journey. Continue reading


Finding Calm in the Chaos

The title is ridiculous in that it’s probably impossible, but bear with me. There are things we can actively do to contribute to our overall sense of control, life balance, and more while we cope with the symptoms of ADHD. Continue reading

White Wine, Comics, and Haunting Melodies

This week was stupid.

WAIT. Before you read this, put THIS SONG on for dramatic effect. Crank it a bit too. I have it at 62% volume and the bass is making the snares of my drum inuksuk buzz.

Okay, assuming you’ve done your homework, let’s resume. This week was stupid. Continue reading