Sometimes All You Need is a Swift Kick to the Head

So my little sister is a third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She was the Canadian Junior Champion in 2009(?) and went on to fight at the World Juniors in Turkey. At her peak, she could lift her leg up and past her head while standing up- that’s to say that if she was standing in front of you, she could axe kick you in the face and crush your nose. She’s a really terrifying person disguised as a feminine, laid-back, city slicker hipster. She’s definitely the cool one in the family.  Continue reading

Anxiety & Hyperfocus Propelled Me Into Productivity Outer Space

I’ve been reading all kinds of accounts of people whose lives turned around when they started ADHD medication. “I became so much more productive when I started my meds,” they would write. After some shallow reflection, I’ve realized that my experience seems to be the opposite! What the hell!? Continue reading

The drugs.

The medical treatment for ADHD is interesting, and there is a lot of negative media floating around the internet about it. In essence, doctors give constantly over-stimulated people (ADHD-ers) a stimulant. Funny right? I imagine it went something like this: “Let’s just give em’ a little dose of speed every morning… that should do the trick!”. Continue reading

Crisis and enlightenment.

I sat on the contact for the potential new therapist for a few months. By the summer of 2016, things at work had gone into autopilot mode, and for the first time I felt like I had a steady workload. No huge surprises, more certainty in upcoming deadlines, and confidence in my role as the leader of this organization. I was also making strides in meal preparations, even if they were inconsistent- for the first time in two years (mostly) regularly eating lunch. My car was still a constant mess, and there were clothes strewn all over my bedroom, but my soul could see the light. I was no longer drowning.

Until October came. Continue reading