Welcome Message

My name is Christine, and I’m a tornado.

Hello and welcome to Tornadoes Anonymous.

Have you ever felt like others have it all figured out? I feel like this a lot. And even though I’m considered to be a successful person in my community, sometimes I feel like my life is unraveling and my attempts to hang on to the many different strings just results in a tangled mess.

It all started on a very hot summer’s night in eastern Canada, and I had to get the cat litter done, ferret cage cleaned, and floors vacuumed. These three tasks would make for an easy to-do list for most people- do one task, then move on to the next, and so on. This wasn’t the case. I had to get all of them done yesterday and at the same time. I was in such a flustered state nearing the end, that attempts from others to help was infuriating, and my short fuse made them seek shelter upstairs. I felt a panic attack brewing and realized that something wasn’t right. Only those closest to me have seen my short temper, inability to complete tasks, and other character imperfections- something I’ve tried to keep hidden. I felt ashamed that I didn’t have a better grip on my emotions that seemed to fly violently from my chest, encircling those near it, and leaving a path of destruction. A tornado, I thought. That’s exactly what I am. And no one knows.

My curated social media identity would tell you that I’m a bright and promising young professional who leads an environmental charity in Moncton, New Brunswick. I have three wonderful fur children- a soft samoyed named Finn, a fat tabby cat named Fir, and a potato stealing ferret named Otter. I’m engaged to a plaid-clad and bearded engineer who lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and managed to survive 32 months of long distance out of our 46 month long relationship with ease and grace.

The reality is a mix of everything above, and I can’t wait to share my journey with you. With my recent ADHD diagnosis, I hope this blog will bring clarity and self-awareness to myself and others. I intend to fill this space with honesty, practical resources, and acceptance. We all have shortfalls, and I am opening my heart to you in speaking about them freely. Tornadoes Anonymous will be a place to break down barriers, destroy stereotypes, and clear a path for those seeking connection. Please subscribe if you’d like to follow my weekly posts.

Yours in chaos,